Two modern, exclusive villas

The situation at the outset 

We offer two villas for sale in a tranquil spot near the village centre in Oberägeri. There are two possibilities for the sale: selling the villas together or separately. The buyers prefer a joint sale. 

Our strategy 


We activate our potential customers, our well-oiled banking network and a targeted selection of our international real estate partners. In view of the size of the investment involved we decide to address an international clientele. 


We concentrate on selling the two villas together. With this in mind, we prepare all the documentation – the sales brochure, the point of sales and the advertisements. Here, the right marketing is decisive. 


We enthuse our customers. Our analyses and our experience tell us that the chances in the case of this property will be greatest if we approach primarily international customers. So we prepare the entire sales documentation in various languages. 

The result 

Through our international network with real estate partners we secure an international customer who buys the two properties together. In so doing, we fulfil the seller's wishes. 

The extraordinary 

The challenge in the case of this sale is as follows: find one buyer for both properties. Our network enables us to achieve this objective within eight months. 


Location: Near the centre in 6315 Oberägeri
Year of sale: 2012
Year of construction: 2009
Plot Villa 1:  548 sqm
Plot Villa 2: 924 sqm
Residential area Villa 1: 136 sqm
Residential area Villa 2: 296 sqm


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