Exclusive double single-family house

The situation at the outset 

The customers instruct us to look for an exclusive single-family house with high construction standards. In order to avoid loss of rental income we only have three months at our disposal. In addition, the customer is looking for long-term tenants prepared to sign a rental agreement for at least four years. 

Our strategy 


Our in-depth analysis shows: we will find prospective tenants with high requirements amongst an international clientele. Accordingly, we prepare all the sales documentation in various languages – sales brochure, advertisements and notices. 


We concentrate on international customers and on locally based international companies looking for properties for their senior managerial staff. Within this target group we conduct a targeted search for solvent tenants interested in concluding a long-term rental agreement. 


We enthuse our customers. The new tenants want to enrol their children in the international school in the current school year. We perform this value-added service and organise it right down to the finest details. 

The result

We find a long-term tenant (expat) within the stipulated period. And in so doing, we fulfil both the landlord's need for certainty and the tenants' desire for a long-term rental agreement. 

The facts

Location: Ägeristrasse, 6340 Baar
Year of rental: 2012
Year of cunstruction: 2005
Apartments:  7½-room double single-family house 


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