Multi-Family Dwelling

Double multi family dwelling in Zug

The situation at the outset 

In relation to a marketing concept the sellers inquire at several estate agencies and examine the offers. We are chosen thanks to our track record and our marketing method.  

Our Strategy


This property is an investment property and so we market it accordingly. Hence the preparation of the information is the first step – we draw up a complete, precise overview of all the facts. This information is decisive from the point of view of potential investors and the information is also useful to us as a basis for a sales strategy. 


Our aim is to reconcile the target income sought by the investors and the seller's sales price. To achieve this we deliberately decide against a bidding procedure because this method only allows a restricted number of interested parties. Thanks to our network we find the right investor within a short space of time and the sale is concluded rapidly. 


We enthuse our customers. To enable us to handle the sale quickly and smoothly we contact the house management beforehand. What matters to us is to obtain objective and clear information about the selling process. We organise the visits strictly so as to handle the sale efficiently. 

The result

With the aid of a targeted analysis and a structured approach we find an investor for this investment property within two weeks. Thanks to the deliberate decision to forego a bidding procedure we manage to secure the prices that we have decided upon with the sellers. And our information policy allows us to avoid unnecessary disquiet and speculations amongst the house management and the tenants. Following the reservation the sale is concluded smoothly within a month. 

The facts


Location: Chamerstrasse 70 e/f, 6300 Zug
Apartments: 19 (2x 1 rooms, 9x 2 rooms, 8x 3 rooms)
Total plot area: 1499 sqm
Total residential area:  960 sqm
Year of construction: 1954
Renovation: 2000
Zone: Residential zone W4
Utilisation factor: 0.6


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