Building Land

Building land Hagendorn in the municipality of Cham

The situation at the outset 

A restaurant with a large car park, a residential and commercial building, a barn and a carport are located on the central plot. The buildings have been rented. 

Our strategy 


We are preparing a major project for this centrally located building land. We will present possible solutions to the prospective buyers and prepare two projects with two multi-family dwellings. We are deliberately offering this building land without any architectural obligations. 


We target investors from amongst our potential customers numbering over 700. With the aid of this target-oriented method we find the right investor within a month.


We enthuse our customers. In order to ensure that the delay for both seller and investor is kept to a minimum, we look for an individual solution for each potential tenant thus avoiding extensions to the rental agreement. 

The result 

We are able to find the right investor from amongst our extensive customer pool within a short space of time. The price is right both for the buyers and for the sellers – allowing all parties to benefit.

The extraordinary 

During the first phase our focus is on the preliminary study for a possible construction project. Our aim is to highlight the potential of the plot and thus awaken interest in the building land. During the second phase we concentrate on the tenants. We conduct personal interviews with each potential tenant in order to find individual solutions and thus attain our goal: no extensions to the rental agreement that might prevent the planned project from progressing rapidly. Thanks to our painstaking, individual approach we attain this goal right across the board.  

The facts 

Location: Dorfstrasse, 6332 Hagendorn
Year of sale: 2013
Plot size: 2134 sqm
Zone:  W3a
Utilisation: 0.55


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