4½-room city apartment

The situation at the outset 

The sellers are moving abroad and once there will purchase a new property. Some of the sellers are already abroad and the time available for the sale is limited. 

Our strategy 


Even before the sale procedure has commenced we show the apartment to a selection of persons from our existing customer pool in order to keep the sales period as short as possible. 


We concentrate on the property and on the market. From experience we know exactly how we should position the apartment in order to fulfil the requirements. 


We enthuse our customers. We accompany the seller and inform him about the progress attained in the selling process. We comfortably meet the deadlines without compromise. 

The result 

We sell the apartment through our extensive customer pool within the deadline of one month and complete the sale and the change of ownership in less than two months. 

The extraordinary 

Since the seller is moving away and is buying a new property, the jointly set objectives and the timing of the sale are the most important aspects. We comfortably meet the sellers' requirements as regards the deadlines and the success of the sale. This is a logical consequence for us because we plan the process meticulously and implement it accordingly. We enthuse our customers with our added value and our passion. 

The facts 

Location: Centre, 6300 Zug
Year of sale: 2014
Year of construction: 2011
Residential floor area: 124 sqm
Balcony: 31 sqm


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