Valuation Methods

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The beginning of the sale of any property is marked by the valuation of your property – the appraisal. After all, you want to know what your property is worth. We rely on various quantitative methods that have proven their worth over time. Here, we will explain to you how these methods work and what they are best suited for.

Quantitative property valuation methods

The characteristics and the location of single-family houses and owner-occupied apartments are compared by computer with thousands of other properties. Based on prices actually obtained, the market value is determined using statistical procedures.

The discounted-cash-flow method values a property on the basis of a cash flow extending far into the future. This approach takes into account all revenues and expenses for a fixed period in the future. In this way, the income generated by the property in the future is determined. The property is treated and appraised as if it were a type of company.

In this method, reference is primarily made to the real or objective or intrinsic value. It corresponds to the total of all the current market values of the building sections and annexes constructed on the property including the property's development, surroundings, ancillary costs and the land belonging to the property.

What property appraisal means for us

Success requires more than bare, technical facts. What also counts is the ability to realistically interpret results. Our technical and legal know-how make an essential contribution to the proper assessment of opportunities and risks. We are well-versed in this field – and have been for over 20 years. With success.

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