More quality out of passion

Seeking out the right buyers in the right target group at the right price for your property. That is our core competence. You gain access to over 700 potential customers from our local and international networks. But we do not simply apply the principle of the "highest bidder". Because this is no guarantee of securing a top price: this method only ensures the highest price from amongst the group of bidders. Marketing property, however, is a question of trust. This is why we nurture our knowledge and always put it to the test.

We present with style

The quality of our work is what makes us stand out. And these services are included in our offer; with us, you do not pay extra for them.

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We are a multilingual team made up of

  • qualified estate agents
  • property photographers and typographers
  • marketing experts
  • engineers
  • and lawyers
  • with many years of experience

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