Free Appraisal

More value out of passion

Trust begins with a discussion. We determine the market value of your property free of charge and without obligation. With intuition and understanding. This is why we employ a twofold approach – based on many years of experience and quantitative valuation methods

We appraise your property, granting you access to our network of potential customers

Number crunching is only half of the story. Whoever wants to buy or sell property develops a sense of what he or she can expect for his or her money. But a successful sale only comes with the ability to carry out a proper appraisal in this market. We market property on a day-to-day basis. We nurture and expand our network of relationships. We are in contact with prospective buyers, know what the mood of the market is and can detect trends and developments early on. And we combine this knowledge with the results of a quantitative valuation. The fact that our appraisals are accurate is borne out by our success. And: we continue to think on your behalf.

We show you how to present your property in the most favourable light and point out potential for further expansion thus securing a higher price.



What property appraisal means for us

  • Structured
  • Objective
  • Perceptive
  • With our fingers on the market pulse at all time

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