Initial consultation
Free appraisal
Contract conclusion and stipulation of selling price
Marketing strategy
Marketing and sales
Purchase contract
Organisation and handover
Aftermarket services

Initial consultation

In a first step, we want to learn more about your needs. We ask and listen carefully. At the same time, we show you how we work and what you can expect. No matter whether the property is owner-occupied or rented, a multi-family dwelling or a commercial property – we treat every customer with care and the necessary expertise.

  • Find out what your needs are

  • Explain the scope of our services

  • Initial analysis and advance information

Free appraisal

Every property sale begins with the valuation of the property – the so-called appraisal. 

  • We appraise your property free of charge and apply the method best suited to your property (hedonic, real value or DCF method). 

  • We interpret the results realistically and quote an objective market price. 

  • In addition, we are happy to help you improve your market position to achieve a higher price.  

Contract conclusion and stipulation of selling price

When the estate agency agreement is signed and the sales price is fixed, it's our turn to act.

Here is what we promise you:

  • A reliable contact partner

  • Above-average commitment

  • Tailored advice and comprehensive support

  • Individual marketing strategy

  • No marketing by third-party brokers  

Marketing strategy

Your property is precious. Our specialised team prepares a marketing strategy suited to the target group and supports you in optimising your market position.

  • Specialised team of civil engineers, marketing experts, photographers, project managers and legal consultants

  • Local expertise and market knowledge

  • Improving the appearance through staging

  • Pre-project studies for new buildings, extensions and conversions

  • Pre-financing  

Marketing and sales

Our experience and the appropriate marketing tools help us to sell your property efficiently and successfully. We offer the following services around marketing and sales: 

  • Large and qualitative network of potential clients nationally and internationally

  • Attractive and centrally-located sales location

  • Free advertising on online platforms such as Immoscout 24, Homegate and New Home

  • All exposés in German and English

  • Digital marketing in 6 languages (German, Italian, French, English, Russian, Chinese)

  • Off-market: silent sales model without public advertising presence 


We keep you informed about the demand on an ongoing basis. This message accompanied by a graph shows you the progress made and status of the sale.  

  • Regular reports

  • Performance charts

Purchase contract

From checking the credit rating of a potential buyer to the clarification of any unresolved questions, we are your negotiating and contact partner. 

  • Credit check, proof of financing

  • Drafting of reservation agreements in German, French, Italian and English

  • Translations

  • Redemption of pension fund assets


We work with the notary's office to draw up the purchase contract, organise its notarisation and guide you through the property gains tax process.

  • Preparation of the purchase contract with notary’s offices

  • Organisation of the notarisation

  • Accompaniment of the property gains tax formalities

  • Personal attendance during the notarisation

  • Organisation of powers of attorney and apostilles

  • Coordination with banks: promise to pay/discharge of debt certificates

Organisation and handover

We organise the handover of the property from A to Z. If desired, we also coordinate the tasks of the cleaning firm and trade contractors.  

  • Setting a date for handover of property

  • Completion of handover of property

  • Coordination of cleaning firm and trade contractors 

Aftermarket services

We remain by your side after the sale has been completed and gladly assist you with additional services from our well-coordinated network:

  • Architects and construction supervisions

  • Relocation

  • Administration & trust

  • Trust

  • Insurance companies

  • National and international schools

Our services at a glance:  

We assess the value of your property, highlight its specialties, set the scene with in-house photographers and present it appropriately and in several languages. 

We obtain all relevant documents, plan the sales steps and carry out viewings and negotiations with potential buyers. We check the creditworthiness of the buyers.

We take into account the legal framework, advise you on the tax implications of the sale, draw up the purchase contract with the notary and organise the notarisation.    

«We are also there for you after the sale. Courageous. Persistent. Accurate. And always with passion. This is how we inspire our buyers and sellers.»

Joe Lötscher, owner of Residence Immobilien AG

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