Exklusive Verkaufsobjekte

Apartment 3.5 rooms

6033 Buchrain Ref: WHG1871

Modern, spacious with a lovely balcony and vistas of the Ron Valley

3.5 rooms

130 sqm

890,000 CHF


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Apartment 2.5 rooms

6315 Oberägeri Ref: WHG1879

Sun-drenched living in a central, yet peaceful area

2.5 rooms

50 sqm

700,000 CHF


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Apartment 4.5 rooms

6300 Zug Ref: WHG1872

Attractive living with lots of space in a green oasis

4.5 rooms

160 sqm

2,425,000 CHF


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Split-level apartment 4.5-rooms + granny flat

6353 Weggis Ref: WHG1721

Spacious, modern and stylish living in a spectacular location with views, with a separate granny flat

4.5 + granny flat rooms

275 sqm

on request


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Garden apartment 4.5 rooms

6034 lnwil Ref: WHG1866

Living on the sunny side with a large comfort factor

4.5 rooms

118 sqm